After working with a number of his colleagues with the same specialization, I wholeheartedly recommend that you contact Andrew to discuss your recent visa application woes. More than once during my green card application process, Andrew was able to calm my jittery nerves with his deep knowledge and expertise on the subject. In spite of some unexpected challenges imposed by my initial sponsor along the way, Andrew was able to shepherd my application to a successful outcome. I am sure Andrew will prove as invaluable to your application as he was to mine.  -O.C.

I am so fortunate to have been referred to Andrew Ceraulo for my green card application. He has 100% success rate and I understand why. Andrew was so kind and generous and adept throughout the whole process. Andrew prepared my spouse and I so thoroughly that we had no anxiety by the time we arrived for our green card interview. In fact, with Andrew by our side, the interview process was a very pleasant experience for us.  Andrew goes far beyond the call of duty to assist his clients. He is a remarkable person. For the rest of my life I will refer anyone applying for a green card to engage Andrew as their lawyer.  -Jasmine Hirst

We are so very pleased with the services received at Law Office of Andrew Ceraulo during the pursuit of an E-2 , H1-B, and  Green Card for our employees. Mr. Ceraulo and Ms. Kai from the firm guide us through the whole process and keep us informed at every turn. Ms. Kai oversees the entire process and ensures the highest quality of service and professionalism.  -Jim Kitajima, Maruka U.S.A. Inc.

Though everyone says, it is getting harder to get a working visa these days- we have no trouble at all with help from Andrew Ceraulo’s office.  A small firm that delivers!  Thank you for getting our visas quickly.  Your personal attention to detail matters.   Both Anshumat and Kyoko-san truly provided an outstanding work.  They are professional and courteous.   We are a client for over 10 years now and have never once been disappointed.    Fees were reasonable and everything went smoothly.   No sales pitch.  We are just so grateful to have them to support our visa requirement.  If you need something done this is the law firm to go.  -Anoy Hikida, Aozora Bank

My husband and I have had an amazing relationship with both Andrew and Mutsuko ever since our first meeting years ago. They are both extremely patient, compassionate, and considerate — but without compromising their professionalism. Not only have they successfully helped us with our immigration needs, they have both also always been there for us when we have had follow up questions outside the scope of their obligations. They go above and beyond and treat their clients as real humans who have real lives, and take time to understand individual situations. I have introduced more than a few of my friends and colleagues to seek their assistance as well, and they have all had great experiences as I have.  -Mai

I met Andrew Ceraulo in 1993. In 1996, I received my Green Card and in 2001 I was proud to become an American Citizen. I have the privilege to have known Andrew Ceraulo for over 20 years. His extensive professional experience and knowledge are always guided by integrity and caring. -Venti Petrov, Classical ballet artist: Dancer, Choreographer, Ballet Master

私は20数年前にアンディー(Andrew Ceraulo Law Office) さんのオフィスでグリーンカード取得をお願い しました。 アメリカに来て間もなかった事もありアメリカの法律や決まり事が全く分からず、その上、英語力も十分ではありませんでしたがparalegalの日本人の女性の方達が分かりやす通訳してくださったのでとても安心でした。アンディーさんのオフィスはいろいろ質問されますがそれはもしかして起こりうるかもしれない事態を想定して失敗の無いようにする為にやっているのですよと説明されて納得しました。おかげで何事も無く無事にグリーンカードを取得する事が出来ました。アンディーさんのオフィスにお願いして良かったと思っています。-Abe

いつも就労ビザ取得申請等をお願いしております。日本語で相談ができること、また、電話・メール問わず質問に対して迅速かつ丁寧にご回答いただけますので、信頼してビザ取得手続きを進めることができます。年々ビザの取得は厳しくなってきているようですが、おかげさまでスムーズに取得が出来ており、大変感謝しております。-Soshi Inoue

いつも質問に対して的確な回答をいただけ、安心してビザ申請の委託をお願いすることができています。-GSI Exim America, Inc.