List of Documents for Green Card Interview

Immediate Relative – Marriage

  1. Passport of both spouses
  2. Driver’s License for both spouses showing the same address
  3. Birth Certificate of both spouses
  4. Citizenship Certificate
  5. Lease or deed to residence in the name of both spouses
  6. Joint Bank Account Statements
  7. Joint Financial Account Statements
  8. Joint Health Insurance Certificates/Cards
  9. Marriage Certificate
  10. Life Insurance Beneficiary Statement
  11. Joint Motor Vehicle Insurance Card
  12. Wedding Invitation and Photographs and other photographs together
  13. Job letters for both spouses indicating job title and salary
  14. Evidence of termination of previous marriage (Divorce/Death Certificates)
  15. Joint Tax Returns/W2 forms
  16. Joint Credit Cards
  17. Telephone Bills and Utility Bills
  18. Homeowners Insurance Policy
  19. All Immigration Documents Issued
  20. Social Security Card
  21. Letters addressed to both husband and wife
  22. Internet sites/Social Media data for both spouses
  23. Photo album containing photos of both spouses in chronological order and narrative of relationship
  24. E-mail correspondence between both spouses
  25. Will designating spouse as a beneficiary
  26. Affidavits from friends or relatives attesting the marriage is bona fide
  27. Private Investigator Report stating both spouses are living together as a married couple
  28. Birth Certificate of child(ren)
  29. Any other joint property documents

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